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Making swaccha mantada by the inspiration of NRI

Mantada (Pamidimukkala) May 14

Making literacy and health village ofhis first place one NRI decided and implimentig some program like programs like swaccha mantada. Being a part of this village secaraty V.Prabha kumar started this program Mantada.V.R.O,M.P.P.S Mantada(main) vidhya volunteers and kambabu rambabu garu involved in this program. K.Venkata Krishna rao garu who is settled U S A will give his cooperation by him self for the development of village says-village secratry V.Prabha kumar.

K.Venkata Krishna rao garu taking initiate of the M.P.P.S Mantada (main) which is leading to closed due to the lack of students and developed the school by providing vidhya volunteers,Computers by his
own money and increased the strength of the students.Swacchta program will be held in three days they said.

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