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SW School offers LKG to 5th Class

Co-education, Telugu and English Medium School

History of M.P.P.School Mantada, S.W School

M.P.P.School Mantada S.W School started in the year 1938 with 20 students with RC NO:-12/41 And D.E.O given permission for the school in the year 08/02/1941. Before starting this school students from the S.W Colony mantada come to M.P.P.S Mantada(main) by walking nearly 2.5km.

In the academic year 2018-19 M.P.P.S (BC) Colony school is adopted by i2 charity along with main & b.c school and provided facilities for the students like education in English medium, computer education and sanitation facilities. Earlier some parents in S.W Colony sent their children for labor work and not provide them education. i2 charity adopted the school to create awareness to the parents about their children’s education and to give quality education for every student.

School Address

SW Scool,Near RCM Church,
SC Colony,Manata Krishna district,A.P – 521256

Opening Hours

9:00am to 4:45pm  Time Table   Calendar   

School Operations

School Strength Grade Summary Student Attendance